Lauren Armellini


Keeping it short and sweet...
- I'm an artist and I love my craft
- I’m originally from Florida. Don't judge
- In 2018 I became an Italian Citizen
- I live for travel, good food, good wine and good company
- My husband and I have 2 boys under the age of 10 (hence the wine)

As A Photographer

I like my clients to think of me as their creative partner. My favorite shoot days are the ones that feel like play. When we get to experiment and style together to create unique images that reflect your brand and connect with your ideal clients. I’m obsessed with lighting, composition and styling and am always trying to create “a moment”. It isn’t out of the ordinary to find me on the floor, up on a counter or crouched in a corner to get the shot. I know how much thought designers put into the details of a project and I love to capture closeups as well as wider room views. I find that it helps to tell a complete visual story. Above all, I’m passionate about my work so I go above and beyond to create images that are intentionally crafted for each of my valued clients.